The author of the 1st FemSci book we read is coming!

Friends, feminists, scientists: lend me your ears! Banu Subramaniam is giving a talk at NC State.

We are overjoyed.

“Tracking Ghosts: Hauntings from a Eugenic Past”

March 16, 4:30-6:00 pm, 1911 Building – Room 129

00 Banu                                 ghost stories for darwin

Subramaniam will trace the genealogies of ecology and evolutionary biology to demonstrate how foundational ideas of “variation” in biology are connected to ideas of “diversity” and “difference” in the humanities. Making a passionate case for interdisciplinary work across the humanities and natural and social sciences, Subramaniam explores how histories of gender and race shape contemporary biological theories and what lessons we can learn about the relationships between natures and cultures.